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Late Dr.B.B.Utane

Welcome to Dr. Utane Infertility Clinic

     Dr. B. B. Utane founder of Poly therapy medical research in human bio reproduction & fertility center ,
further rename as Dr. B. B. Utane Memorial Infertility Research Center.

     Dr. Utane invented the theory of An Azoo to genesis baby in 1978. Successfully tested bilateral tubal block after IVF baby born in 1978.

     We are India’s first and one of the most trusted poly therapy center dedicatedly treating infertility patient since 1978.

     We embrace research of Azoospermia & Fallopian Tubal Block.

To Create modern eugenics with decade year research base fertility treatments withaffordable medicine approach while no side effects of treatment.

Everyone, Regardless of Ethnicity, culture or economics status be welcomed,embraced and encourage by Dr. Utane’s Clinic in their quest to have a baby andhealthy population.

Dr. Rajesh

Infertility Specialist

Dr. Bhavna

Infertility & Nutrition Specialist

Adv. Arundhati

Legal Advisor

Lab Head

Admin Head

Publications & Awards

  1. India’s first infertility research center practicing in Poly-Therapy That is AYURVEDA ALLOPATHY, and Yoga Since 1978 And Presented to International Planned parenthood federation London.
  2. To Gold Medal
  3. To Shiromani Award
  4. To Gem of Medicine Award
  5. Giant’s Award
  6. Research Paper acknowledge and International Planned parenthood federation.
  7. Research paper publish in JNIMA.
  8. Publication in leading national news media.

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