Planned Healthy Baby Counselling

Planned Healthy Baby Counselling

   Planning for a child is the most exciting stage for a couple, however there are lots of concerns and responsibilities which a couple faces. Today lets discuss important aspects before and during pregnancy.

Physical health

   Conceiving in simple words is passing on both of your genes to your baby. Now to do so, both husband and wife should be in best of physical health to produce good quality of Sperm and Egg respectively. Diet plays an important role in keeping your health at a optimum level of fitness. Good quality diet such as satvic food or simple food is preferred months before you actually start planning for a baby. Both quality and optimum quantity of food is important for proper nourishment of body. It is important, at this stage, to maintain physical fitness by doing mild exercise and yoga. Certain vitamins and minerals are required more during pregnancy like Iron, Folic acid, Proteins, certain Amino Acids etc. Almonds, Resins, Walnuts, seasonal fruits should also be consumed during this stage.

Mental health

   Physical health, mental health and emotional well-being of the couple is important before conceiving. Ayurveda recommends mental well being before & during pregnancy. “Garbhini Paricharya” i.e, guidelines during pregnancy, is advisable for mother. Husband, wife and other family members play an important role in mental health of couple. Meditation by both couples is advised to relive mental stress.